Session 5: You Have No Way to Overcome Writer’s Block

A prolific writer. That’s the goal if you’re trying to be a professional writer. You write every day. No matter what. No excuses.

Does that mean you’ll always have something to say. Probably not. Not having anything to say is not a matter of writer’s block. It’s a matter of preparation.

When prolific writer’s have nothing to say, it’s usually because of external influences. Barring things outside of your control, today’s conversation will give you the tools you need to eliminate writer’s block and compose content like a prolific writer — like a machine.

Notes from the show:

Prompt your brain to give you answers and eliminate writer’s block forever

What color is your car?
When did you graduate from school?
What’s your favorite sandwich?
How do you make it?

I don’t know what to write – focus on questions about your expertise not on filling pages with the right words

I’m not good at writing – record your answers into a phone and have them transcribed

Isn’t the written word different than the spoken word? Yes, have your transcription edited

The brain is hardwired to answer questions. Even when you don’t want to answer a question aloud, you answer in your head before refusing to speak. Use specific questions to prompt your brain for your answers.

This is step 3 of the Writer’s Block Eliminator. First, you have to get the stuff out of your head before dictating or presenting the content.

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