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Mom-illionaire: Dr. Amy Baxter

Saying Yes to Buzzy Says No to Pain


Dear Pain:

Today’s mom is Dr. Amy Baxter. Dr. Baxter invented a way for people to receive shots that are virtually painless.

She developed the idea because her children were afraid of shots and, being a great mom, she decided to find to a way to ease the pain for her children.

The current version of Buzzy had an usual start and went through many experimental versions. She arrived at her current version by accident (or divine intention). The alignment of her vehicle was off because it was difficult for her to put money together to have it fixed. The misalignment caused the steering wheel to vibrate which in turn numbed her hands.

That simple drive that she had made numerous times inspired the missing piece to her invention.

Now, get this. She still worked full time in ER while devoting the rest of her time (time not spent with her children) to developing the prototypes for her invention. That is dedication, family.

At one point, she received a grant to continue developing her product. The study paid off and she was ready to distribute her product. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that no company would take the chance on her and her product.

So, this mother took it upon herself to make it happen. She put together financing for product creation and began distributing from a warehouse. Outsourcing the product to China was good for a while. But, eventually she had to make a decision that led to bringing production of Buzzy into the U.S.

Amy Baxter was not a businesswoman. Nor was she an inventor.

She was a concerned mother with a passion for helping people. Through her invention, Buzzy, she is definitely able to fulfill both her passions as a concerned mother (although now she has other issues to focus on with her animated children) and helping people (millions of Buzzy’s have been sold worldwide).
D Arlando Fortune
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