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How to Write the Book Your Clients Need

Session 3: You Don’t Know Your Ideal Customer

Blanket messages for everyone make it hard for readers to say Yes to you. Get specific with the 6WH. These questions narrow your focus (or target) down.

We’re going to use a movie as the basis for explaining this concept. (I think I might call this the Shoeless Joe Strategy.)

Notes from the show

The Field of Dreams was right. You must focus on the activity, not the words…

If you feel getting too narrow makes it hard to succeed – build the field for Shoeless Joe Jackson…

If you don’t know who to write for or what to write for them – follow the voice telling you that you have something to give…

If other people are saying you won’t make money – you probably won’t unless you know the answers to these six questions:

WHEN are you publishing this book?
WHO are you writing to?
WHAT do they need to know?
WHY do they need to know it?
HOW TO do what they need to do?
WHERE do they go next? And, after that?
WHICH LEADS TO… what transformation?

Don’t write the book just cause. It’s too much work to be a paperweight and your time is too valuable to waste. Write the book that brings Shoeless Joe Jackson to the field.

These six core questions are part of Phase 1 of the SIGNATURE Book Writing System. They set you up for the rest of the steps.

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