My mission is to inspire you and help you
transform into the person you want to be.

“You can be, do, have anything you want in this world. You’ve just got to believe…”

– D Arlando Fortune


Say It Loudly & Do It Proudly: “Make LIFE Happen… Everyday!”

I bet I know something about you that you probably forget on a daily basis…
YOU determine how high or how low you go in life. YOU set the boundaries. YOU set the limits. YOU box yourself in. YOU pigeon-hole your abilities. And, it’s YOU that frees yourself from these challenges (with the help of God).
You are a child of God destined for greatness. But, you have to be the activator of your destiny.
Whether you believe it or not, you have vast resources of energy, drive, ambition, and wealth already. How can you get that out and show the world if you never step up and step out?
Understanding how to reset and get moving in the right direction is simple. Being consistent, is not. Staying focused, is not. As you learn to focus on your Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments (your CORE), over time you have will be left with no choice but to succeed. I talk about it in my book here.

Not too long ago, I realized that having the right purpose and plan did not ensure success (little does outside of tenacity and grit, actually). In fact, it seemed like the people I spoke with were satisfied with their work. They knew what they wanted and how to get there. They weren’t moving forward on the plan, though. They were procrastinating. “I wrote a book about it. Like to hear it? Here it go…” Check out Overcoming Procrastination here.

You are a champion and a survivor!!! Allow me to help you prove it to yourself and to the world.


I’ve been blessed enough to come through a lot of pain and struggle (most of it self-inflicted). And, I’ve seen and spoken with too many people that are lost, scared, or depressed and don’t know what to do or have anyone to turn to.

After learning to overcome myself and to defeat the spiritual forces that attack us, I want to return the favor that was given to me. These lessons came at a great cost. Here’s what I mean…

If I can help someone to move a step closer towards their mental and spiritual freedom, I will do my best to pass on those truths. Check out the blog here.

Wow! What a great day to be living! Won’t you come walk with me on this side of phenomenal living?!


I’m a father of two. (That’s my youngest in the pic with me.) My children are my biggest reasons for getting my life together. Let me explain…

Although I had a great childhood, I did my best to ruin my adulthood with a lot of partying and hanging with the wrong crowd. It wasn’t that I didn’t know better. It was that I thought I was above being dragged into the gutters.

I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and went to university on a full athletic scholarship. While there I got engaged and eventually fell out of that relationship before being married. I took that loss hard and made a vow to myself to just ‘do me’. Doing me was A LOT of fun.

As a result I had my first child at 22. Upon graduation from university, I was asked to play baseball in Canada or go to work for the government as a staff accountant. Easy decision, right? I chose accounting. My thought was that I was going to make the best decision for my young son. (Now, I see pro players on TV that I played ball with and wonder what could have been.)

As you might have guessed, government accounting isn’t all that glamorous. I tired of all the restrictions and sought out an opportunity to become wealthy in the real estate business. While I enjoyed some success there, I enjoyed teaching people about what I was doing or how to get themselves out of their situations better than I did the actual investing.

During this phase of my life, I began a deep journey into personal development and self mastery. I got a bigger head than I was prepared to handle which was the reason for my downfall. Ego. Arrogance. Self-aggrandizing. No one could tell me anything about anything without me telling them a thing or two about a thing or two. (Haha. We really think we know a whole lot in our twenties, don’t we.)

After some years of ups and downs and ups and downs, I’ve finally found some solutions that work. Above all, I regained my humility. I’m in charge of my daily activities. God is in charge of the outcome. Together we make some beautiful things happen in the world.

In the end, I still want to teach. I do it through speaking and writing. I’d love to show and teach you what I’ve learned and how to create a habit of personal achievement. A habit that will help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

The biggest breakthroughs with my clients come through my coaching. My signature process is the No Doubt Living Formula. Experience has proven to me that doubt jeopardizes success more than anything. I can help free you of this affliction through high-performance strategy. Set an appointment for coaching here.

With love to all my No Doubters,

D Arlando Fortune