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A Huggies Commercial That Will Change Your Life (WATCH THIS CLIP!!)

Dear Pampered Friends:

What’s making you feel good today?

Your life can and should be amazing. I’m not talking about the over the top nothing-bad-ever-happens-because-I’m-a-positive-thinker attitude.

Real talk… stuff happens.

I’m no longer dwelling on the ‘stuff’. I promise you that you should get some of this wonderful feeling.

I’ll tell you how I keep myself positive today.


I focus on my goals.


Yep, that simple. (WARNING: Making this complex is dangerous to your health.)

There was a time when I was only focused on the present moment — the present moment is the most important moment of all. But, I took it to an extreme.


If something good happened… I partied.
If something bad happened… I went to a party.
If it was my birthday… I threw a party.
If someone died… well, obviously, they left the party. So, let’s party.

That’s no way to live. To shirk your responsibilities because of the days events when you still haven’t reached your ultimate goals is a foolish act. I called myself living it up but it seemed that I kept finding myself in a deeper and deeper hole.

Then one day I realized that I could use all of my experiences to propel me forward. Sometimes slowly like when the bad happened. Sometimes quickly like when I learned something from my mistakes. Sometimes in celebration. While other times it was reflection. I plan my time to party with positive friends and family but keep myself open to new experiences.


To keep it bluntly…”I ain’t no party-pooping-pathetic-pion-pisspot.” (Yeeeeaaaa… okay)




Tell me what you do that keeps you motivated and positive. (Leave your response in the comments section BEFORE watching the clip.)


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTgOLLmTQI0&w=420&h=315]

***NOT a promo for Huggies***


I get nothing but a laugh from this Huggies commercial.


D Arlando Fortune
Keep it simple as A, B, C’s; 1, 2, 3’s; and, do, re, mi’s

PS. Keep it HAPPY, family!
PSS. Keep your “eyes on the prize” and remember the moments — good, bad and otherwise — that get you there. Just keep it moving.

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